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Electroless nickel plating is carried out on especially steel surface which requires surface protection namely corrosion and wear. This process is an auto-catalytic reaction by which nickel gets deposited on the material to be coated. This process does not require any electrical power and hence the process is derived electroless.

3 main types of electroless nickel is generally practised-
Low phosphorous, Medium Phosphorous and High phosphorous deposits.

Each of the above-mentioned process has got its own advantages and the selection of it is based on the requirement of the design and customer needs.

WFT also carries out co-deposition along with the electroless nickel components to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of the parts.

Bushes and Sleeves, Pump Parts, Textile components, Shafts, Valve components, Automobile components etc.
The achievable hardness is in the range of 400 to 800 HV0.1

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