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Chromizing is a surface treatment carried out at elevated temperatures in which an alloy is formed by the inward diffusion of chromium into the base metal. 

Chromizing is a substitutional diffusion coating process for steel for protection against high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion and is carried out at about 950℃. Broad range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Process, Steel, Textile industrial sector have adapted to this process.

Steels with carbon content greater than surface carbon or 0.3% carbon containing steel and carburised steel can form a hard-dense chromium carbide diffused layer which has high hardness and excellent wear resistance.


Materials that are suitable for chromizing:

Low carbon steels, Medium carbon steels, High carbon steel, Stainless steels, Nickel & Cobalt base super alloys.

The chromised material exhibits excellent Erosion and Oxidation resistance.

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